Anabel Torres, Willow Classroom Senior Head Teacher

Anabel is currently the senior head teacher for Willow classroom. She has experience as lead family advocate and admin specialist for the Kids Town. Anabel started working in KYCC’s academic programs in 2000 as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Her passion for working with children began when she was 16, when she taught one summer at a private preschool. She went on to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education. Prior to becoming a Kids Town teacher, she tutored elementary- and middle-school children, and worked as a teacher’s assistant. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and son, biking and hiking.

Ellie Kim, Maple Classroom Assistant Teacher

Ellie is a teacher assistant for Maple classroom. She graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Human Developmental Sciences. She became interested in working with children and youth in high school after volunteering at a daycare center and Special Education class. She also tutored kindergarten to middle school students for more than six years in an academy. As a teacher and social science major, she is interested in integrating psychology with education to study what factors and teaching styles are the most successful in motivating long-term behavioral changes within the child. In her spare time, she is usually cleaning, catching up with friends, or watching aesthetic vlogs on Youtube.

Jennifer Barrios (Aspen Classroom Assistant Teacher)

Jennifer Barrios is a teacher assistant for Aspen class. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has earned her associates in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College, and is currently enrolled as a student at Cal Poly Pomona to receive her bachelor’s in Early Childhood Studies. This field has shown her how fortunate we are as educators to be able to have these opportunities to enrich the lives of all children. We continue to grow along with them as we go through these early year stages, and she would love to be able to help children explore and grow in a high-quality environment. When she is not in the classroom, she spending time with loved ones and enjoys the beauty of life.

Sandra Poblano (Aspen Classroom Head Teacher)
Sandra is the head teacher for Aspen classroom. She was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and moved to the United States at the age of 5. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Education. She completed Early Childhood Education classes at Santa Monica College to earn her site supervisor permit. She believes that through play, children develop the necessary skills to navigate new experiences and environments. In her spare time she enjoys visiting gardens and going on hikes.
Jin Rhee, Director

Jin started at Kids Town as an assistant director/head teacher and currently is the director. She graduated from CSU, Northridge with a master’s degree in Public Sector Leadership and Management with distinction. She previously worked as a lead teacher/adjunct faculty with low income at risk families and children from multicultural backgrounds. Jin’s passion for teaching comes from wanting to make a difference in a child’s life while facilitating meaningful experiences for the development of the whole child.

Julie Uribe, Maple Classroom Head Teacher

Julie is a head teacher in Maple classroom. She has worked at the LACC Child Development Center for four years in a mixed age classroom with children of diverse backgrounds. She has a B.A from UC Santa Barbara in Communication Studies with an emphasis in language development and Spanish language. She is currently working on a Masters in Education and believes in having children learn through play and personal experience. She enjoys cooking and baking and implements those activities in the classroom to engage the children in math and science.

Luz Favela, Maple Classroom Teacher

Luz is a teacher in the Maple classroom. She has been a member of the Kids town family for the past 12 years. She was born in Durango, Mexico, and came to the United States at the age of 15. The oldest of seven children, she was a second mother to her younger brothers and sisters. This sparked her interest in caring for children. Luz overcame language barriers when she first moved to the United States, and is now bilingual. Luz is currently working towards her Associates degree in Child Development at East Los Angeles College. She believes that in today’s society our children are our future and helping them grow is a gift

Sung Bok Lee, Willow Classroom Teacher

Sung is a teacher in the Willow classroom.  Sung was born in South Korea. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, where she majored in Education and Asian American Studies. She also took Early Childhood Education classes at Pasadena City College and has earned a Site Supervisor Permit. In her spare time, she enjoys painting and going to the opera. The most important thing to Sung, as a teacher, is that she engages, motivates and inspires students to learn. She always encourages students to strive for greatness. She tries to make lessons exciting so that children learn as they’re having fun.